Why You Should Focus On Increasing Your Income

Many of us try to save money, by cutting down our expenses, instead of trying to earn more. We are told to save, stop buying luxuries, no more Starbucks! What if we changed the question, and instead focused on increasing our income? Even if you cut the fat of your spending, whether in business or personal finances… you’re going to hit a wall pretty quick. Grant Cardone says in an interview that […]

Dos and Don’ts of Social Media: The 30 Commandments

Here are 30 Social Media Commandments that will help make social media, an easier jungle to navigate through. The funny thing about the internet is that these rules can change, depending on the opinion of the hive mind (majority of social media users) but so far here’s what works. Learning to use the power of social media, and killer content can help elevate your client base. But getting started without any previous […]

How to Achieve Goals Successfully

Setting the right goals is essential for the business world. While this sounds easy and logical, when it comes to the corporate world, setting goals can be a lot trickier than it seems at first glance. Fortune 500 Businesses know the importance of goal-setting, why are they so important? Without goals, we have no defined purpose and nothing to strive for, we can end up stagnating and struggling for meaningful accomplishments. We have […]