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 A Word From Ven

I was just a normal guy. I didn't know anything about running an online business., but here I am today...
Running my very own 6-Figure-Company, and teaching others how to do the same!

Why I do what I do? I've always wanted to start my own business, but I didn't come from the right family.
Growing up in India meant I didn't have the luxury for such dreams... I studied hard, moved to the UK,
and worked many jobs trying to get by.

At 28 my life took a turn for the worst and I received a phone call telling me my father passed away,
I WAS DEVASTATED but it didn't end here, this same year I found out I needed a major leg surgery.
Things get worse before they get better right?

A New Man On A Mission

“By December 31st 2020 it is our mission to create 100 Millionaires and 500 Six Figure Earners at the Ven Harpal HQ And to help 1,000,000 new entrepreneurs, internet marketers, network marketers, and home business owners create successfulcampaigns, advanced training and resources developed from real world experiences.”

1000000 Lives Changed by 2020

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