Why You Should Focus On Increasing Your Income

Many of us have problems cutting down our expenses. We often get into spending a lot and neglect saving for the future. Managing expenses has always been a challenge. If we don’t manage our expenses well, we would have less money to invest for the future as well us on things that we’re truly interested with. There’s a simple formula for savings: Savings = Income – Expenses Savings is the priority because it comes first in […]

Dos and Don’ts of Social Media: The 30 Commandments

Social media originated from the idea of interconnecting people more effectively through the internet. And as the participants of this phenomenon, it is up to us to create and follow the rules that make this platform so wonderful. You can say that social media has its own set of commandments, much of them unspoken, but these rules are never final or permanent because they can change at a moment’s notice […]

How to Achieve Goals Successfully

We all have our own definition of success. A few define success as being lovable to their spouse and parents, being a responsible individual, and caring parent while a majority of the people associate success with fame, power, and wealth. We have listed here five steps to help you be successful in fulfilling your desires. Take note of each of them, live by it, and be successful in the near […]